I'm a 3D artist with a degree in fine arts, and I'm very comfortable with making environments and props, and now characters too! Especially for a game context. I'm currently not employed due to covid, seeking commissions, and building up a new 'style' so to speak, and filling up a more fresh portfolio. I can work in high detail, low poly, stylized, abstract, and photorealistic. I'm open to most subject matter but will not be working with gore, extreme kinks, or complicated mechas.

All commissions are to be released under a CC-BY license, meaning they can be used for any purpose, and if they are being released in a project such as a game or video, then it requires attribution.

Contact any of these for commission work:
Twitter: @alrauneAroma

Cashapp: $renderwitch

All of my prices are based off of an estimate of 20 dollars an hour.


Low Poly Props - $15+

Photorealistic Props - $30+

Hand Sculpted - $50+

Buy a set of 5+ At Reduced Price

Props are a very dynamic thing, but due to being much less complex than most characters, prices tend to be very cheap, and can be especially so if buying in bulk. A very complex crafted prop may run higher. All in this category includes textures.


Simple characters: $100+

Complex characters: $200+

Being the most complex kind of 3D projects, they can run the most money. Cute low poly characters will give you the lowest prices, whereas a finely sculpted character complete with rigging, animations, and texturing can run into the triple digits.

Environments and Backgrounds

Abstract Art - $40+

Small Environment - $100+

Big Environment - $200+


3D Environments, backgrounds, illustrations come in all shapes and sizes.. It can be difficult to pin down how much work may go into it, but I have a good rule of thumb. If it's abstract, I don't charge much. If it's going to be filled with more props than I can count on my fingers and toes, then I will be charging much more. Inquire if you want some or all of the scene to be game-ready.

Pixel Art

Character Portrait - $40+

Icon and Sprite Sets - $60+

Illustrations - $80+

I love to do illustration work but also love to make cute 16 and 32 bit icons and sprites. The scale of illustrations necessarily makes it more time consuming however.