I'm a 3D artist with a degree in fine arts, and I'm very comfortable with making environments and props, especially for a game context. I'm not working currently and seeking commissions, and to develop my skills with character art. As such, I'm offering much more flexible pricing for anyone considering characters while I get better. I can work in high detail, low poly, stylized, abstract, and photorealistic. I'm open to most subject matter but will not be working with gore, extreme kinks, or complicated mechas.

Send me a DM on my twitter @alrauneAroma, my mastodon, or email me at to request a slot. From there we can talk a bit about what you want, so I can assign the best price and get a sense of the workflow your commission will require. I start my projects upon being paid. I accept both Paypal and Cashapp, which you can send payments to or $renderwitch respectively. In addition to commissions, I'm also seeking freelance or part time work for any 3D projects. All commissions are to be released under a CC-BY license, meaning they can be used for any purpose, and if they are being released in a project such as a game or video, then it requires attribution.


Props / Stylized - $10+

Prop Pack (set of 10-20) - $50+

Props are a very dynamic thing, but due to being much less complex than most characters, prices tend to be very cheap, and can be especially so if buying in bulk. A very complex crafted prop may run higher. All in this category includes textures.


Simple characters: $30+

Complex characters: $60+

Rigging: +$10+

Texturing: +$10+

Being the most complex kind of 3D objects, they can run the most money. Cute low poly characters will give you the lowest prices, whereas a finely sculpted character complete with rigging, animations, and texturing can run into the triple digits.


Abstract - $15+

Abstract art and backgrounds are my personal favorite to make, as they let the weirdness of concepts run free with no restraints. Even fairly complex abstract renders will be on the lower end of prices, because the process is more freeform.


Simple - $40+

Complex - $120+

Environments are not the most difficult to complete, but are the most time consuming, and can vary depending on the scope and subjects. Essentially, these are prop packs that have been arranged into a cohesive visual concept. Low poly or less sparse environments can still be fairly inexpensive, whereas very densely packed environments will cost more.

Pixel Art

Small - $5+

Large - $10+

I can work in 16-bit and 32-bit, mostly doing icons and sprites.