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My name is Rose. I am a trans lesbian in a committed domestic partnership. I worship nature, I love eifie, and am critical of all unjustified hierarchy. I have a bachelor of fine arts, and work profesisonally in 3D and multimedia art. I do concept work, creative writing, sitebuilding, and game design as a hobby. My interests include art, nature, spirituality, gothic, genrepunk, demons, horror, politics, taoism, any kind of oddities, music, film, media in general. I'm constantly searching for inspiration and things that expand my tastes.

a lot of things on this website may seem bare right now, but it's only because i've approached this website with the mentality that i should keep it simple for my own sanity. plans are to expand this page and format it in a way that's easier to scan. to re-add a blog again, make little custom pages for things i like.. and to make a click-through environmental storytelling function on the main page maybe. or at least a slideshow of environments that cycle around. the site is called spiralux because i thought spirals were cool and also the letter x and i got sick of it real fast but now it's like whatever, it's just a website/account not a name

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